Friday, August 26, 2016

Week In Review

It was another great week in 4th grade! This week we hammered out our class t-shirt design and got started with our #TweeterOfTheDay. Take a look at what we did in each subject.

Writing Workshop
"Studying the Craft of Language Through Mentor Authors"

  • Read Like a Reader vs. Read Like A Writer 
  • Word Choice 
  • Sentence Fluency

"Structures of Life"

  • Crayfish Behavior & Structures
  • Vertebrates: Fish vs. Amphibians
    • Students took notes on the structures of each vertebrate and discussed the function of each structure.
    • Students used their notes to create a foldable comparing fish and amphibians.
  • Vertebrates: Reptiles & Birds


  • SRI Assessment
  • Interpreting Characters - Preassessment
  • Reading Intensely
  • Taking Responsibility for reading "Just Right" books
  • Collaborating

"Addition, Subtraction & Place Value"

  • Numbers Through One Million
    • Number Names
    • Expanded Form
    • Numerals
  • Relationships in Place Value
    • We learned that there's a relationship between two digits that are the same in a muli-digit number.
    • For example, in 4,556 the 5 in the hundreds place is 10 times more than the 5 in the tens place.
  • Comparing Whole Numbers
    • Students compared whole numbers up to the 100,000 place. 
    • Students learned strategies for comparing numbers that may start with the same digits.


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