Friday, November 4, 2016

Kids' Voting


Work through the series of videos and links to familiarize yourself with the election. It is important to be an informed voter and to cast your vote based on what you know about each candidate.

First take some time to learn about Election Day.

Next, learn about two of the most popular political parties in our country.

Now it's time to meet the candidates for this year's election. Take the time to read about both candidates. 

Democratic Party:

Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton & Vice President Nominee, Tim Kaine

Click HERE to read about Hillary Clinton.
Click HERE to read about Tim Kaine

Republican Party:

Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump & Vice President Nominee, Mike Pence

Click HERE to read about Donald Trump.
Click HERE to read about Mike Pence.

Finally, you need to be sure you understand the issues. Read to find out where Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump stand on some of the biggest issues of the 2016 election.

                                  Economy & Jobs                       Taxes       

                                       Education                        Health Care

Now that you are fully informed it's time to vote!

Image result for i voted sticker on shirt
When you're done voting, place your Chromebook in the middle of your table, check in with Mrs. Wood for an "I Voted" sticker, then read silently.

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