Monday, December 5, 2016

Math Stations: 12/5-12/10


Below are the math stations you will work in after you've completed your assignment for the day. Check the math board to see which station you should be working on. For each station you will be required to show your work in your math notebook. I will be collecting math notebooks at the end of the week.

Last week you did an awesome job, you earned our class 3 certificates! Two individuals earned certificates for themselves too! I can't wait to see what this week has in store :)

UPDATE (12/7): You have been working so hard! Take a look at all of the certificates you earned this week.

UPDATE (12/8): Great work! You earned 2 more certificates yesterday!! 

Group 1: Multi-Step Word Problems

Group 2: Addition & Subtraction Algorithm Practice

Addition Practice: Click here to begin.

More Addition Practice: Click here to begin.

Subtraction Practice: Click here to begin.

More Subtraction Practice: Click here to begin.

Group 3: Division Facts to 12

IXL (Word Problems): Click here to begin.

Math Playground: Click here to begin.

Quick Flash: Click here to begin.

Division Demolition: Click here to begin.

Group 4: Find the Area Practice

Find the Area: Click here to begin. (beginner)

Find the Area Between Two Rectangles: Click here to begin. (medium)

Area and Perimeter Word Problems: Click here to begin. (hard)

Find the Area of Complex Figures: Click here to begin. (advanced)

Group 5: Line Plot Practice

Create Line Plots: Click here to begin. (medium)

Create & Interpret Line Plots with Fractions: Click here to begin. (hard)

Group 6: Multiplication Word Problems

IXL: Click here to begin. (hard)

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