Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week In Review

OTISS Awards:

Each day the Gumballs hold a class meeting to start off the day. Students can bring concerns, suggestions, questions or give OTISS Awards at this time. OTISS stands for "Oh that is so sweet!". Students can give these awards to students they care about or when they catch someone doing awesome things! 

Here's who received OTISS Awards this week:
  • "Corion is always working really hard on his work." -Ava

Week In Review:

This week our Week In Review features...
  • Writing - Nolan & Sophia
  • Social Studies - Amisha & Lauren
  • Reading - Jack & Ada
  • Math - Sophia, Nolan & Brooke
  • Film Crew - Nick, Jaden, Teshaun & Megan
  • Production Crew - Sam & Ava
As we move forward through the rest of the year students will be "doubling up" on math. The 4th grade teachers are working to fit in all of the units before the end of the year. We will be utilizing AC Lab and other portions of the day where we are already ahead of schedule. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

News & Notes:

  • Be sure to check the calendar for important dates. Here's a quick look at what is right around the corner. 
      • April 5th - Late Start
      • April 6th - Book Orders Due
      • April 14th - No School
      • April 19th - Orchestra Concert at 7:00pm
      • April 20th - 4th Grade Musical at 7:00pm
      • April 24th-27th - MAP Testing
      • May 4th - Fishing Day

    Happy April Fool's Day

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