Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week In Review

Week In Review:

With such a busy schedule this week we didn't have time to have student leaders create our week in review. Next week, we should be back up and running. In the meantime, take a peek at what we've been up to.

Writing - Literary Essay:
Students spent the week working on the beginning stages of their Literary Essay. At this point students have a familiar book that they're testing ideas with. Students are working to grow their ideas about characters and practicing elaborating on ideas they've pulled from their books.

Math - Geometry:
This week we wrapped up our study of geometry with line symmetry. Students practiced finding lines of symmetry in objects and drawing shapes with line symmetry. We ended the week with the end of unit assessment.

Math - Rational Numbers:
Students dove deeper into their understanding of decimals this week. We practiced turning fractions into decimals and learned how to represent decimals as fractions. Students learned how to plot decimals on a number line based on their understanding of fractions. Finally students learned to compare decimals and solve word problems involving money. We ended the week with the end of unit assessment.

Reading - Test Prep:
This week students have been working on different test prep strategies to use in ELA. Students learned tips and tricks for answering questions about expository texts, identifying the main idea, and finally how to answer detail questions by using the passage as a guide.

Students have also been using independent reading time to work on their IRA (Independent Reading Assessment).

Genius Hour:

Genius Hour is an idea that actually started at Google! Google employees get to spend 20% of their time working on something their passionate about. We will be implementing a similar model in our classroom. On Fridays students will get to spend 1 hour studying anything they want. 

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News & Notes:

  • Be sure to check the calendar for important dates. Here's a quick look at what is right around the corner. 
      • April 14th - No School
      • April 19th - Orchestra Concert at 7:00pm
      • April 20th - 4th Grade Musical at 7:00pm
      • April 24th-27th - MAP Testing
      • April 28th - Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at 8:00am
      • April 29th - Barretts' Blast
      • May 4th - Fishing Day
      • May 19th - Mrs. Wood Out for Personal Day
      • May 25th - Last Day of 4th Grade

    I hope that everyone has a great weekend! 

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