Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Math Unit 1 - Review


You will use the following resources as part of our review stations for the next 2 days. Make you stay in your assigned station during that time.

Remember, you can also access these resources at home for additional practice.

Warm Up - 

Station 1 - Rounding

Station 2 - Expanded Form

Practice - IXL Expanded Form | Mathman - Expanded Form

Station 3 - Adding with the Standard Algorithm

Station 4 - Subtracting with the Standard Algorithm

Practice - Fish Bowl Subtraction | Subtraction Practice | IXL - Fill in the Missing Digits | IXL - Subtraction | IXL - Subtraction Word Problems

Station 5 - Multi Step Word Problems

  1. Log into Pearson.
  2. Watch the "Math Practices & Problem Solving Another Look" video. This will be in your assignments.
  3. Complete the 2-6 Practice Buddy.
*If you finish early, work on your Word Problem packet.

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