Sunday, September 3, 2017

Student Blogger - What Makes a Leader

Hi my name is Ruth and this blog post is about are what makes a leader project that is about showing your classmates some of the things you have to do to be a good leader. 

So how we start the project is you have to think of at least 15 questions to ask somebody who think is a leader for example ( parents , grandparents , brothers ,sisters and many more) and then you will ask the person all your questions. Then you will make a presentation with google slides, animation app on Chromebook and many other choices and you are not just saying every answer your person you interviewed said you are going to say it in a different way to make it say like I learned this or I learned that in order to be proactive and then you have to make sure all of your info is on the presentation. Then you will go over the presentation and make sure everything looks nice then you will present your presentation.

Ruth did a fantastic job of describing our "What Makes a Leader" Project. Students will be presenting their research on Wednesday this week. Stay tuned for student presentations!

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